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Di Paolo is a Family Tradition
The first home of Di Paolo Baking Company was the former Frank Street Methodist Church.

Di Paolo Baking Co., Inc. was originally established in 1910 when Angelo Maria D'Aurizio and his wife, Louisa  Di Paolo D'Aurizio realized their dream of opening an Italian bakery in Rochester, New York.  They had left Casabordino, Italy to start a new life in the United States of America.  They were the grandparents of Mary D'Aurizio Massa and Lena and Louise Zimarino.  After Angelo's death on January 12, 1917, his wife maintained the bakery at 3-5 Ontario Street with their son Louis and nephew, Vincent Di Paolo, plus a small group of employees.  Gradually they took partners into the bakery business that included memebers of the D'Aurizio, Di Paolo, Della Porta, Zimarino and Leone families who also came here from Casabordino, Italy.  In 1920, Angelo's widow purchased an old church at 598 Plymouth Avenue North (previously known as Frank Street) from the Asbury First Methodist Church.  She made arrangements with her nephew to move to this new location from the outgrown bakery on Ontario Street.  The bakery's name at this new location was changed to Di Paolo Baking Company.  In 1920, the new bakery opened equipped with three coal fired ovens and a larger group of employees.  The bakery produced a variety of Italian breads and delivered them by horse-drawn wagons to homes and stores in the Rochester area.

During the 1920's, 30's, and 40's competition was fierce; there were at least 10 small bakeries in the neighborhood alone.  Di Paolo survived because the family members pulled together.  Their hard work and personal sacrifice kept the doors open during the lean years, including the Great Depression.  Their diplomacy put an end to a rash of violence among neighboring bakeries competing for business.  Soon Di Paolo's became the place to stop for fresh baked bread after church on Sundays, and its delivery trucks went as far as Bath, Canandaigua, the Finger Lakes Region, and Batavia to deliver bread.

By the 1950's, through the leadership of its General Manager, Thomas Zimarino, the partners all cooperated and agreed to have the old building demolished and a new state-of-the-art bakery and store built to better serve the customers and community.

Today - four generations later - Di Paolo continues to create unique breads and rolls for restaurateurs and food-service providers that are a welcome addition to any menu.  Di Paolo Baking Co., Inc. is still a family business offering over 100 products which include a large variety of Italian, French, rye, raisin and hearth baked breads plus various dinner rolls, sub rolls, bagels, pastries, frozen products, pizza shells, and specialty breads.

Visit Di Paolo Baking Company in the vibrant High Falls area of Rochester.  It's still the place to go for the best breads and rolls in town.

Dominick P. Massa

Third Generation

President & C.E.O.

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